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Rhema Broadcasting Network

Rhema Broadcasting Network, Inc. is in the business as a telecommunications and broadcast provider. We provide technology solutions, products, services, media content and technical support. Technology has advanced a great deal and the amount of information collected about you has increased. We value your privacy a great deal and want to inform you about our policies.

The confidential information that we have for each client is considered restricted data and therefore will not be shared, sold, rented or given to anyone outside of RHEMAFi, LLC or its other owned companies. The only information that we share is what is required to properly license software, fulfill an order, service request or to provide equipment. The information provided to third-party companies for licensing and servicing your account are company name, your first name, your last name, e-mail address, primary billing address, shipping address and telephone number. Independent contractors who perform work on behalf of RHEMAFi, LLC or is other owned companies may also receive confidential information about your account on a need to know basis and only the information that directly affects their work in order to complete the service ticket or task requested.


The rbn.solutions, rbnbridge.org, rhemabroadcastingnetwork.com, and rhemabox.com collects your IP address, browser type and operating system on each visit to every page on the sites. This information is used for internal statistic tracking purposes and is never shared with other entities outside of Rhema Broadcasting Network, Inc. or its other owned companies unless required by law enforcement. Your name and other information is NOT collected unless you specifically provide it for contacting us, logging in or accessing the online portal. By providing this information, it will then connect your name to the IP address you're using for our internal identification to communicate with you.

Our online portal uses a session cookie and a persistent cookie. The session cookie is used to log in and holds your username and if you are logged in, your password in an encrypted form. The persistent cookie is kept for thirty days and holds your username. If you tick the "Remember me" checkbox when logging in it will also hold your password in an encrypted form. You can delete these cookies if you are using a shared computer and you don't want other users to view your username.

Referral ID and gCode is also cookie based that is stored in your machine. This cookie only tracks the referral ID that you entered in at the website and is associated with your orders to track who referred you.

Your username and IP address are logged every time you log in. For your privacy and security, we recommend that you do not use a public computer or a shared computer. If you do choose to log in on a public or shared computer, make sure you click log out at the end of each session [when possible delete cookies] and close the web browser, otherwise other users may be able to use your identity.

Our site uses passwords to protect you and your data that is available online. Make sure that you use a STRONG [a strong password is a minimum of 8 characters and uses three of the four categories: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, symbols] and keep it safe. Today passwords should be passphrases. You should never share your password with anyone else, either directly or indirectly. If you have other family members or friends as part of your account, you may add additional contacts to your account each with their own username and password.